Longarm   Service Price
Basting$.005 per square inch (p.s.i.)
Edge-to-edge -- several designs to choose from, if I don't have a design you like I can special order from hundreds of designs for a nominal fee. See designs belowPricing varies depending on density of quilting starting at $.02 p.s.i
Custom QuiltingPricing starts at $.04 p.s.i. and is dependent on the complexity and density of quilting designs.
Minimum Longarm Fee$50
Expedite Fee$25 

$1 per bobbin (Signature Solids)

$2 per bobbin all other threads used.

Non-Longarm Services -- minor quilt repairs, securing outer seams, pressing, preparing backing and trimming quilt.$20 per hour-- minimum $10

  • Basting for hand quilting
  • Edge-to-edge/Pantograph Machine Quilting
  • Custom machine Quilting

My Pantograph Collection so far...

​Longarm Quilting Services

Fullness Disclaimer - Fullness and or puckers within a quilt top and its borders cannot be quilted out. I cannot guarantee that puckers and tucks won't be sewn in. In some cases excessive fullness in borders may result in the quilt corners not being square. The flatter your quilt top is the better the finished quilt will be.

Mechanical Disclaimer -- Be aware that sewing machines are mechanical devices and I do my utmost to ensure perfect results every time, on very rare occasions mechanical problems can occur which may cause minor damage to a quilt top and/or backing.

Basting -- for hand quilters and home machine quilters, basting is done in rows approximately 4" apart. Large stitches make it easy to remove once your hand stitching or machine quilting is complete.

Edge-to-Edge (Pantograph)  -- A single pattern is used on the entire quilt top. Many designs are available to enhance/compliment your quilt.   (*see choices below)

Custom -- Specific patterns in blocks, borders, sashings and areas of the quilt top.

Quilt Preparation

  • Quilt top should be trimmed to final size. I will not cut or trim a quilt top.
  • Quilt top and backing fabric must be completely pressed with seams being flat.
  • Batting and Backing should be at least 6"-8" larger than quilt top and Backing should be square and brought in as separate layers.
  • Remove all excess threads, pins, buttons and other embellishments.
  • Check that all seams are secure. You should stay-stitch around the entire quilt to ensure seams do not pull apart.
  • Mark the top of the quilt (safety pin works fine)
  • The quilt top must lay flat. Measure your quilt top across the top, bottom and centre which should be the same. If not there is a possibility the finished quilt will have puckers.
  • Quilt top bust be clean and free of any odors.
  • If you pre-wash the quilt top fabric I recommend you pre-wash the backing fabric also.